The Selfie Challenge

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When I look in the mirror, the woman I see is not the image I have of myself in my mind’s eye. Of course, my inner self is much younger and better looking. (LOL) But seriously, I find it curious that the two don’t match. Does everyone have this experience, I wonder? Perhaps many people don’t like their own photograph because it does not match the way they see themselves.

I belong to a photography group that meets monthly for critique and information sharing. Each month, we give ourselves a theme assignment and are supposed to go shoot some images reflecting that theme to share at the next meeting. Our current assignment is self-portraits, better known in popular jargon as the “selfie.”

I think it is harder for photographers to aim the camera at themselves than at other people. We are much more comfortable behind it. It will indeed be a challenge to capture a self-portrait that I feel actually looks like me.