Tempus Fugit

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Time flies, and the older you are, the faster it seems to go. The past decade seems to have passed in a blur, like landscape viewed through the window of a speeding train. This sense of time passing too quickly, the realization that the years left to me are finite and dwindling, contributed to my leaving a full-time job for self-employment doing creative work—a life-long ambition.

While I am quite as busy as before, somehow the days and weeks feel like they should. Time does not drag, nor does it rush. Of course it helps that I am no longer spending 90 minutes or more each day commuting to and from work. The walk to my home office is much quicker. My days are less structured, more in tune with my natural rhythms.

Some may say I’ve experienced a mid-life crisis, but what a welcome change! Mid-life should not be a crisis, but rather a time to embrace life and all it has to offer, before time flies away completely.

Photo credit: Tamara Muldoon