Learning from Blogging

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Serendipity is an odd thing. I recently wrote an article for the new Northwest Travel Writers Conference website (to be launched in February) on the topic of online job sites for freelance writers. In writing the article draft, I mentioned an increasing demand for paid bloggers. That fact was not included in the final version, but only a week or so later, I found myself accepting a blogging job posted on one of those sites.

Since early January I’ve been producing three blog articles of 500 to 600 words per week for Tom Harper River Journeys, a U.S.-based river cruise company operating tours in Europe, Asia and Africa. My first blog post was published on January 9th, and the tenth article was posted today. It is very gratifying to see so much of my work in one place.

Over these past few weeks I’ve researched and written articles on such diverse topics as the Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia, the Rock of Gibraltar in southern Spain, Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, and the cuisine of Bologna, Italy. It is necessary to do enough research to write with authority on these topics. As a result, I am learning a great deal about certain travel destinations and their history, culture, food, customs and so much more.

These articles must be written in a particular style—as if I am a product development staff member that has actually experienced the place or activity that I am writing about.  In addition, I must have disciplined work habits in order to meet my thrice-weekly deadlines. As a freelance writer, it is wonderful to have steady employment; but, perhaps the best benefits of this job will be learning from my research, and improving my writing skill through constant practice.

Photo credit: Tamara Muldoon