Food, Glorious Food

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This next week I’ll be in Spokane, Washington; first, to participate in the annual Northwest Travel Writers Conference; and second, to discover the delights of Spokane’s “foodie” scene.

As an adjunct to the Conference, Visit Spokane is hosting eight travel writers for two days. Four writers will be on an outdoor adventure track, discovering the recreational attractions of the region, while I and three other writers will pursue a culinary track. Our itinerary includes tastings of wine, craft beer and distilled spirits, visits to a candy factory, a fruit ranch, and a charcuterie plus three squares a day hosted by some of Spokane’s top restaurants including an artisan pizza restaurant cooking with a wood-fired oven.

From Monday evening to Wednesday evening, I literally will be “wined and dined.” I look forward to reporting on the experience. Stay tuned for details.