Cruise Travel Writer: A Pretty Nice Gig

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It is said that to be a successful non-fiction writer it helps to specialize in a particular subject area. For example, in the travel writing market that might be outdoor adventure, or luxury travel, or food and beverage, or even a specific region such as Europe.

I have resisted pursuing a niche, wanting to write about whatever interests me and not get pigeonholed into a single topic. But now, I find I have unintentionally become a cruise travel writer. My prior cruise experience helps, having been a cruise ship employee for a year and a passenger many times. Just over a year ago, I wrote quite a number of port-of-call descriptions and articles for a UK-based cruise travel website.

Now, I am blogging for two US-based river cruise companies who operate tours around the world. This January, I began working for Tom Harper River Journeys. My latest client is a new company, Amras Cruises. It is interesting work, researching and writing about destinations, points of interest, local customs and traditional cuisine in Europe, Asia, Africa and beyond. Although I am covering one particular mode of travel, the article topics are varied enough to make it fun.

All in all, it’s a pretty nice gig. My only question is, how do I convince my clients that I could write much more authoritatively if they would only send me on these cruises to experience it first-hand?