Creating Content for Desti

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When the developers of the ground-breaking travel guide mobile app, Desti, needed a local expert on Oregon travel and tourism, they sought me out through the online freelance contractor job board, oDesk. I am well-qualified, with nearly 30 years of experience working in Oregon’s hospitality and tourism industry, and having traveled extensively throughout the state.

This was a fun job. I was able to combine my knowledge of Oregon’s top attractions and hospitality services along with research to help compile the underlying destination data for Desti’s search algorithms.

Desti is the next generation in travel guide apps. Currently being developed for the iPad platform, Desti uses advanced search technology combined with artificial intelligence to help users find exactly what they are looking for based on multiple criteria.

Commentary posted in November 2012 on Wired Insider stated, “The same people who brought you Siri are now working on another virtual expert: Desti. She doesn’t speak – she searches. More specifically, travel searches. But her searches are educated. In fact, she’s able to analyze context and meaning, rather than just key words. Quite impressive.  Unfortunately, she’s only available for iPad right now and only covers Northern California. But there are plans for Desti to be nationwide (and available on the iPhone) next year.”

The talented crew at Desti is hard at work adding content for other regions of the U.S. Watch for further developments in 2013.

Photo credit: “Cannery Pier Hotel, Astoria, OR” by Tamara Muldoon