Chasing the Dream

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From the time I learned to read I’ve been enamored of the written word. As a child I devoured books, and actually I still do. As early as elementary school I had a desire to write as well. My early efforts were focused on short stories and poetry. In a high school creative writing class, upon hearing that a classmate’s poem had been published in an annual anthology of student poetry, I was inspired to write my own poem. This five-line missive was later published in the same anthology by National Poetry Press.



Evidence that what I wish, can be.

Full of hope for the future

That somehow I can fulfill my dream

Of sharing with others what I feel and see.


It’s not a particularly great poem, but I was inordinately proud of its being my first published work. After many years of chasing the dream, countless writing courses, workshops and filled journals later I am finally getting an opportunity to fulfill that life-long dream. It seems that my entire life has been a preparation for this moment when diverse circumstances have converged to give me this chance to earn my living doing what I love. I still find it a bit unbelievable that people are paying me to write for them, and I hope I never lose that sense of wonder. Finally I can say, “I am a freelance writer”.

Photo credit: Tamara Muldoon